is anyone taking part in the clinical trail with Bondronat or equivalant

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I was just wondering if anyone out there is taking part in this clinical trail. Its a 3 year trail using these drugs to see if there is benefit to preventing bone mets. Just wanted to know what you guys thought of the trail... I am only 2 months into the trail.


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    Hello, E_Hope, I read your
    Hello, E_Hope, I read your post under Triple Negative. Thank you, and welcome. I also had TN, stage 3A. Mastectomy last November, a couple of days before Thanksgiving, and finished rads Aug. 12.

    My onc. recommended the trial you mention in hopes that I would get into the Zometa arm. Unfortunately, my liver enzymes fell just out of the range specified in the trial (no red flag), and I wasn't able to participate. I was interested in Zometa only and would have dropped out if I had gotten into the trial and been assigned one of the pill arms. (You probably know that Zometa is by infusion.)

    My friend JoyD is participating in the trial. She is taking one of the pills. Joy is a member here if you would like to PM her. Or, I can pass along your message, if you like. Just send me a PM. Several members here are participating in a biphosphonate trial. I am sure you will hear from them soon.
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    I'm on the clinical trial that you're talking about and was randomized into the Zometa meds. I've had three infusions and so far have not had any problems. I have 3 more infusions at one month intervals and then I will be having them every three months for the next two and a half years. I'm glad I'm in the trial because I know I'm getting a good med for strengthening my bones and it certainly won't hurt me. I was taking Fosamax anyway, so I figure I'm just changing to a better med. The one thing I have to be sure to do is drink alot of water, because Zometa can affect the kidneys, and I have to have blood workups before each infusion. If this study can help find ways to prevent breast cancer from returning as bone cancer, I'm all for it.