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Morning All,

Am feeling a bit antsy as I have been told by my oncologist, yet again, they might have to delay my chemo start up date on a account of a skin infection that developed on my lumpectomy incision. Note to others... don't go to the gym even though the doctor clears you ready for exercise. I was on an antibiotic, Keflex, and had an allergic reaction in the way of hives! I found out the hard way that I was allergic to the med after taking Keflex for about 9 days. I broke out in hives shortly after the 9th day.

On Wed, Sept. 9th, I called the oncologist's nurse and was told to stop taking Keflex and see my surgeon about my situation and to take Benedryl. Luckily, I was able to squeeze in an appt. with my surgeon who, in turn, agreed that, yes, I am allergic to Keflex and referred me to an Infectious Diseases Specialist! On Thurs, Sept. 10, I went to see the I. D. doctor, lovely man with great bedside manners, and he agreed with the others about it being a classic case of an allergic reaction to a drug. He said my infection is probably a STAPH infection and, therefore, I would require another antibiotic, Avelox and Hydroxyzine, to further treat the infection. Just as well as Benedryl was not doing a thing for the hives. On Friday,Sept. 11th, I met with my cardiologist and filled him in on the saga. I was referred to a cardiologist as I am going to be on Hercepin. He will be following me up while I am on chemo. He is a another wonderful doctor who happens to be a cancer survivor!

My 9 year old daughter, by the way, started school on September 9, 2009. I was very happy for her as she is starting 3rd Grade. Even though it was beautiful day, I wore a sweater over my shoulders as I didn't want to bring further attention to the lovely patch work on my arms and hands. Thank heaven, her 1st day of school was wonderful! I need to say that, yes, my daughter does know I was diagnosed with cancer and about the chemo treatments. Over the summer, I took her wig shopping with me and found one that is similar to my hair color. The organization gives free wigs and hats to women battling cancer. A wonderful program! My daughter helped pick out hats and was given one of her very own!

Oh, yes, I forgot to mention that I have a port insert scheduled for Tues. Sept. 15th. I was told the antibiotic will not interfere with surgery. Now, I must call the oncologist once again to see whether we can keep the Sept. 24th date for chemo as the antibiotic is only for seven days. I will keep my fingers crossed all goes well.

Prayers and good wishes much appreciated. I feel I have been caught in limbo, yet again! All this drama is not good. Have to see the lighter side of things; otherwise, my nerves will get the better of me. If nothing else, I will get to keep my black locks for a longer period!

Best to all! God bless you too.

Bella Luna


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    So sorry Bella! I was told
    So sorry Bella! I was told by my oncologist and my rads oncologist to avoid a gym for a very long time. They are germ breeders. I am sad this has happened to you. Keep us updated!

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    Hi Bella
    Boy what a saga...Sorry you have to go thru all of this...I truly know how hard the delays can be. I had bilateral mastectomy in May with tissue expanders. I developed a wound onthe right side and my plastic surgeon actually debrided it and packed it the day my port when in. I had a 1/2 open area with a hole about 3/4 inch wide which I was packing 2 times per day. I could actually see the expander in the wound when I looked inside with a flashlight. I saw oncology about 5 days later and she pretty much told me no chemo until the wound was healed so I saw plastics the next day and he took me to the or on 10mg of valium, numbed the breast and took out the expander while I was awake, placed a drain and closed it up. I was 7 weeks out of the original surgery before I actually started my chemo. I should have started on week 4. Did I mention that having a tissue expander out locally was a HUGE mistake. I cried thru the whole thing...but thats over now.

    Oncology did tell me it was safe to wait up until 12 weeks and I am in chemo now. The tissue expander gets to go in sometime next year then I can start reconstruction.

    Waiting is tough...for me all I could think of was that there were stray cells migrating thru my body ready to invade something so I know how you feel.

    I would by the way stay away from the gym. Get an exercise bike, some light weights, a dog to walk with and buy a yoga tape. If you were active before I truly think that its a huge plus for the fatigue. Its helped me alot.

    Hang in there...your infection will clear and you will start chemo and we will be here to help you...stay active as much as you can but dont overdo it.

    Hugs to you
    Linda T
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    Bella, just wishing you lots
    Bella, just wishing you lots of good luck, sending you hugs and lots of prayers too!

    Sue :)
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    Ritzy said:

    Bella, just wishing you lots
    Bella, just wishing you lots of good luck, sending you hugs and lots of prayers too!

    Sue :)

    Sending you lots of best
    Sending you lots of best wishes! Post and let us know how everything goes!

    ♠♣ Susie ♠♣
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    Bella Luna
    Thought about you situation all day, and all I offer you is a good thought and prayer. Limbo .. no question about it. I am so very very sorry.

    Thinking about you, and praying for a speedy recovery. Damn GEMS.

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    Hang on.........
    All the waiting is just h**l! I understand, as we all do.....and I do hope you feel better soon..........hives are the pits! How wonderful you included your daughter in wig shopping....I have two grand daughters 11 and 10......they think my wig is "cool!" and my 7 year old grandson thinks my bald head is "COOL!" I have to say, my grand daughters, especially the 10 year old took my diagnosis quite hard, but I have to say they are so much better now, seeing me appearing to be normal and not sick especially after chemo.We all have told them that is is the medicine (chemo) that has made me not feel good and caused the hair loss, NOT the cancer.....that seemed to make them feel better.......young ones have a way of thinking the worse....
    I send prayers and best wishes to you........
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    Hang In There
    Sorry things are not going well for you. I am glad to hear that things are back on track. Hang in there, we are all here for you.