Caregivers really do know best...

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Hospice nurse dressed the progressive skin breakdown on the radiation site on mother-in-law's chest with Sulfadene dressing. She called me later and said, whoops, I forgot that she is allergic to sulfa drugs...but I don't think it will be a problem (she said).
Then she wants to use silver sulfadiazine ointment instead of antibiotic ointment (mind you the area is beginning to drain AND smell).
TODAY she sent the trainee nurse and I finally put my foot down and said we ARE putting the antibiotic ointment on and we will cover it with plain old gauze...
The drainage is awful...
I am going to call and ask for an oral antibiotic. Her blood sugars are high which indicates a systemic infection and just dressings is not going to do it.


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    caregivers must assert
    caregivers must assert themselves, we usually know best.