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Sept 8th was the one year anniversary of my mammogram, then second mammogram, then ultrasound, then second ultrasound by the radiologist herself and her proclamation that I needed to have a biopsy and she wanted me to have it within a week. "Gee, doc, do you think it's anything serious?" Well, a year has passed. I've had the lumpectomy, the ONCO DX evaluation, the port installation, the chemo and the radiation. My hair is back, although not as long as I used to wear it, but long enough to get lots of compliments on the style--same color, but with some curl now. I've pretty much weaned myself from this discussion board, no longer needing to know what everyone thinks about everything breast cancer related. I go in October for my first mammogram since treatment, and I will be relieved to have that out of the way.

I guess I just wanted to tell all of you newbies that a year from now, hopefully you will be where I am--no longer thinking of cancer every minute of every day. It was a LONG year, but it did eventually pass. My blessings to all of you--I hope things go well for you.


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    Thanks jakeca
    I was diagnosed in April, had surgery in may, and am in the middle of chemo. I still have reconstruction to do..I am bald and boobless and expect to loose my eyelashes and eyebrows. It is just encouraging to know that there is life after breast cancer and that it awaits me.

    Thanks for the encouragement

    Linda T
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    Thanks, Jakeca, for the
    Thanks, Jakca, for the encouraging words. I too am in the middle of treatment now but it is very encouraging to know and read that there is life after breast cancer. The road seems like a long one but times flies and I'm looking forward to my dance with NED. Thanks for the uplifting comments. Also, good luck on your mamo in October.
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    jekeca... thanks for the
    jekeca... thanks for the wonderful reminder...