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Have any of you ever had a burning sensation in you body only to find out that it was another start of a Tumour? I have this burning sensation that comes and goes under my ribs, meaning on my liver. Feeling this, makes me think that the little light that was liting up between my ribs and liver is growing. Noooooooo! I have my scan end of September, but worrying I am......


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    can't help with that
    but I think that any pain or odd feeling anywhere related to an area that had anything to do with our cancers makes all of us worry. No use in worrying, the scan is soon and you will be fine nanab.

    How's everything else going for you?
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    I'll be praying for you!

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    Nana B,

    I have read that there no nerve endings in the liver and therefore one wouldn't feel any sensation (pain or otherwise) that would originate from that organ. I don't know if that is an absolute truth but it was also confirmed by my liver surgeon prior to my liver resection. Everytime I have an ache or pain I have bad thoughts but I push on. My husband always reminds me my CEA number is low (and it's an apparent marker for me) so that always makes me feel better. I imagine I would see that number go up prior to any pain sensation attributable to cancer.

    In any case, I keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope that September's scan brings nothing but good news!!
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    burning sensation
    Hi Nana,

    There was a time that I did also experience a painful burning sensation in the area of my liver. It was during the first three treatments when I was on Folfox. It went away after the third time & I had a scan which showed my tumors had greatly shrunk and some were even gone. My onc could't determine why I had the pain, but we decided together it was probably the chemo working on the tumors. I know you're not on chemo now, so I don't know what to tell you. I've never heard of growing tumors causing a burning sensation, so I bet it isn't that. Like others have said, your scan is coming up soon, so you'll know soon enough. I'll be praying for you!

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    I know what you mean..
    There is definitely an intelligence in our bodies apart from our minds. I don't want to sound all crystal dangley, but i remember the precise moment my cancer took over my intestines. Mine came in the form of an extremely stressful moment that had followed many other stressful moments for a six month period. One day, i snapped. I can only describe it as an internal "pop", if that makes any sense. I lost all feeling in my legs, and couldn't move them for twenty minutes. That was many years before my diagnosis, and i hadn't given it any thought until my surgeon told me how many years i'd actually been developing the tumor. The time period was right on.

    Several months before my diagnosis, i developed the strangest cravings for pickles and engine exhaust/motor oil. I was eating four jars of pickles a week, and i didn't even like pickles! In the middle of the night, i would sneak outside to sniff the engine of my boyfriend's truck. I know, super WEIRD! A couple of months later, i got the diagnosis of severe anemia. I had to get a blood transfusion. I haven't had a pickle since (no more smelling engine oil, either)!

    Our bodies try desperately to communicate with us, and we rarely listen. Boy have i learned to listen!

    I'm not saying your body is telling you you have cancer spread, but it may be trying to tell you something. Maybe it needs nutrition? Beets are very good for the liver, and i'm sure there are many other things. Try not to worry, though. Stress will just make things worse.

    Many hugs!