catheter out today hooray

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Hi all and bless each every one of you. I am going to doctors at 100pm eastern time and am supposed to have catheter removed. My recovery so far has been good with gas pain the worst thing and its only once in a while. My stitches look good and am wondering about my pathology report.See once started we never stop worrying do we.Actually so far I havent though too much about it except in the back of my mind. Ok after today next challenge is incontinence. Larry told me he gave up alcohol and caffeine and I am willing to give up both to stay dry if thats what it takes. One more thing Good Luck Sonny and I will be praying for you on the 17th.....inner peace to all and please sleep well with your decisions.....Nick


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    Thanks Nick and Good Luck Today

    I appreciate all the positive thoughts, prayers and blessings.

    Hope every thing goes well today with the cath removal. Here's a thought; Ask to have the best looking nurse on the staff to remove the cath. Get a jump start on the penile rehab program. I have given this a lot of thought myself except my Dr. doesn't use the Foley. Okay, so there is one down side to using the Supra-Pubic.

    I am sure you'll do fine with the continence stuff. In the meantime allow yourself to use it as "The Dog Would" to handle any stressful situations. LOL.

    Blessings be upon you and your family,