eye infection on R CHOP 2

alleycat42 Member Posts: 16
ok, i cant find the answer, ill ask the question maybe someone can help.

just thru 4th R CHOP. got an infection on my left cornea. the doctors are taking it pretty
seriously. i am using 3 different drops and an ointment. one of the drops is cyclopentolate.
all i read about this drug tells me it is used to dilate the pupil before an eye examination,
so why am i using it 3 times a day for the last week and am not due to see the eye doc again
until next tuesday? its very painful, i cant go out and i can bearly take care of myself.
i tried to ask the doc the last day i was in but she got an emergancy call and had to go.
does anyone know does this drug have any healing properties or are they keeping my pupil
dilated for the fun of it? any advice or opinions welcome. ty


  • jhayslip
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    You may want to call your doctor
    I'm not familiar with using that drop for eye infections, but sometimes medications have more than one use. Nonetheless, you may just want to call your doctor's office. It could be that your doctor wanted you to use this drop. It could also be that it was written for accidentally or that the pharmacy filled the prescription incorrectly.

    I think anytime you're not sure what a medicine is for, its a good idea to ask.