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Elm 3544 asked me a couple questions and I haven't figured out where to post responses so decided to just start a new discussion. First of all, yes I do live in Hawaii. My son and daughter-in-law had the audacity to move here and bring my grandson. So after they had their daughter, my youngest (daughter) and I decided we'd like it better than COLD Alaska and moved too! Haven't regretted that choice except miss my other daughter and granddaughter.
The websites for my son are as follows: (right now only the welcome page is up and not linked to the rest as my daughter-in-law works at redoing it) and
I think he would have really enjoyed a site like this where he could post and "talk" with others. His journal really helped me understand the process.


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    Thank you Lola!
    Thank you for the links to your son's page, Lola!
    I read his story. I am so sorry for what you all went through.

    Hawaii is so beautiful. I think I could be perfectly happy to live there! It must have been very difficult though to move away from your other loved ones!

    My daughter and son in law are stationed in Germany and if I could I would follow them wherever they go. They have my only grandchild- a perfect little 14 month old boy! I miss wathcing him learn and grow!

    Best of luck to you and don't forget to keep us updated!