My Dear Sister

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My sister was diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer early this march; and was advised to undergo chemo as surgery was not possible at this time. She has so far undergone 4 chemotherapy sessions and the last one was simply horrible as the dosage was stronger than the pervious one(s) she could'nt eat or even take sips of water and was constantly throwing up, her body was in terrible pain too, she has lost considerable amount of weight and sometimes finds it difficult to walk. Currently she is having nutritions through an IV as she cannot intake even fluids on her own.

She is trying to fight this but sometimes her spirits are low and she feels depressed inspite of our family urgin her on, she has a two wonderful daughters and a husband. I have read that patients need to fight on, and light excercise helps, including walking, but how can my sister do this when she finds walking difficult, is there any excercise you can advice me on which requires minimum exertion or if she can do it while lying or sitting on her bed. Please help me out, I need more ways to motivate her.