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Hi, Lady Di!
In your post double negative and femara, you mentioned that you were getting chemo. I have the same hormone "configuration," but my doctors told me no chemo this time. (Did the first time, but that was ten years ago before the AIs were the primary line.) Did have surgery, AGAIN, on femara, and will do rads. What kind of chemo did you get and for how long? Did you lose your hair? I am wondering if I should ask my onc about this. Thanks for your input.

BTW for those of you who live in fear of recurrence: I am living through a recurrence and my prognosis is good. I am amazed at the amount of progress science has made since my first occurrence ten years ago. I am not afraid of "it" coming back again. If it does, I'll just beat it again and there will be more weapons to use. Just like this time! The possibility is always on the back burner of your mind, but it doesn't need to consume you. I like to think of myself not as a survivor, but a VICTOR even though the beast is trying to come alive again. I am just beating it down again, this time harder than before.


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    I am so sorry about your
    I am so sorry about your recurrence arbojenn, but, you have such a great fighting attitude that you will get thru this and be cancer free! You are a true warrior and a survivor!

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    arbojenn .. What a fighting attitude ..
    Recurrence is one of my biggest fears. Talk to your onc, and get as many questions answered as possible. If I am not mistaken, with Rad's you do not lose your hair, however with chemo you do. It only hair, and it does grow back. Breast cancer also comes back.

    Just a thought.

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    What a great attitude you have
    And thank you for your inspiration, Good luck in your battle,

    God Bless you,

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    What a great attitude you have
    And thank you for your inspiration, Good luck in your battle,

    God Bless you,


    I am so very sorry about
    I am so very sorry about your recurrence. You are quite the fighter and will beat this again! Praying for you!

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    Hi arbojenn! I hope that
    Hi arbojenn! I hope that LadyDi sees this post. I don't think she is on often and the last time she posted, someone got upset with her. You might try Private Messaging her on here. Good luck to you! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!