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I would like suggestions on the best place to purchase a breast prosthesis in the Northern VA area. Thanks!


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    I am sorry .. I don't have any information on hand ..
    have you tired the internet .. search ? Our sisters in pink, will give any and all information ..

    I am happy you found us.

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    Check with...
    your local American Cancer Society. They will know all the places where cancer things are available and may even provide you with some free stuff. Good luck.
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    I bought mine at Nordstroms. I'm in the Seattle area but I don't know for sure if all their stores do this. They had two specially trained fitters and she was wonderful. They handled the insurance and they also had a pretty good selection of bras. If you don't want prosthesis bras you can choose any bra in the store (almost) and their alterations people will sew the pocket into. I bought both kinds and I like their pocket better than the two prosthesis bras I bought. It must be a big business for them because the day I was there I was one of three people being fitted.
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    Ask your Dr.
    Hi. I got a list of a few places that sell breast prosthesis in my area from my doctors office. His nurse gave me a "prescription" for two bras and set of prosthetics with a list of places that have professional fitters. These first two will be covered under insurance so make sure you ask about that for yourself.

    I'm sure if you checked with ACS they could also help you out finding a place in your area.
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    the American Cancer Society
    When I went there to get my wig they said to be sure and call back when I needed a prothesis or a bra because they have both for free. You could check if they offer that in your area.

    Love and Light,
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    Update .. I found Breast prosthesis today .. American
    Cancer Society .. catalog .. hair, hats etc.. There are about 12 version, varing in price.

    Please go on line, order catalog or search for the prosthesis .. shipping with delivery is about 10 days.