Cancer of the coccyx and lower spine

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My husband was diagnosed with this type of cancer, only they referred to it as colorectal cancer as he indeed had colorectal cancer 5 years ago. However the cancer returned but it was on the back side of his colon and he had a very large tumor sitting on the coccyx and was growing up his lower spine and had imbedded itself into several important nerves. This was October 08. He had 6 weeks of specialized radiation along with 5FU. His surgeons were at MD Anderson in Houston. He had an enormous surgery on March 11th, 09, that took 14 hours to complete and his rear end was raised and he was placed on his face and knees. We were both terrified. We were told that he might not even survive the surgery, but the cancer was spreading quickly and he wouldn't have long to live if he didn't have the surgery. He is 71. He made it through the surgery, but nothing below the waste works anymore. He is going to have to go back and have a colostomy done when he is one year out from the original surgery date. He has been on a cathether since Oct.08 also and still has one. He is in diapers all day. He has lost all feeling below the belt so he never knows when he needs to go to the bathroom. He has set up a routine to go about 15 minutes after he eats and sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't. We are going to see a Urologists on the 22nd as he wants to look into my husband's bladder for possible more cancer. He is doing this as he continually has UTI and lives on antioboitics all the time. Needless to say, 2008 and thus for into 2009 have been rough. MDA surgeons were the only ones who would even attempt the surgery due to the size of the tumor. Are there others who have had this type cancer. He is still so weak and in a lot of pain even now. Thanks for letting me rattle on. It is a relief just to be able to talk to someone else about his unique cancer.


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    coccyx tumor

    I also have a couple large tumors con my tailbone and above my coccyx.Immense pain and I chose not to get my coccyx removed because the tumors are not cancerous and I would end up with no control over anything below the waist.I am only 49 so since the tumors are non cancerouse I am on 45mg of morphine daily.I am sorry about your ordeal.