Cough In Melanoma Patients

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I am trying to find Melanoma Patients that are experiencing a dry deep cough. Hospice says my husbands lungs are clear and do not feel this is pneumonia. Another lump was found over a week ago that sits in the chest between caller and shoulder bones. My husband has been stage 4 for over 3 years now. 9 tumors removed total. First one started in the neck with no signs of the primary. As of January 2008 melanoma has traveled to the brain. As of right now my husband is under Hospice care. He has a tumor in the brain, lower intestines and behind the left leg. Plus the new one. I am thinking it has spread to the lungs. What should I exspect? The cough is something I have never heard before. Yesterday his heart rate went up to 127 and fever to 103.4. Everything has calmed down a bit but would like to know what I am up againist. Does anyone know more about this cough?