Post aggressive radiation throat cancer; 75% blocked Left Carotid Artery

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I experienced soft tissue throat cancer in 1992.
Radiation therapy of 7200 rads.
Cancer free since July 1992.
Annual general physical resulted in "noise" in LC Artery.
CTA scan shows 75% blockage due to radiation damage.
Surgeons have decided I'm not a candidate for corrective surgery.
Proposed solution is CA "STENTING", however I haven't found an experienced Doctor; one with successful procedures with post radiation blockage in Northwest Indiana.
Will appreciate any information from others who may have experienced same or has knowledge of this condition.


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    I am only 2 years post Tx. I don't have much advice for you, but you might start by contacting the American Cancer Society. They may be able to give you some names of doctors that are experienced with the procedure in or near your area. Also, you might get more answers if you post the same question at
    Good luck to you!
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    Carotid Artery
    I am three years out and have a 50-70% blockage. My wife searched for a well
    respected surgeon and he felt as though the "stenting" was the only corrective
    possibility but would not consider it until 80% blockage. I like the way you are M>D> shopping
    the RAD does so much damage we have to be careful about who cuts on us.