Appreciate prayers, positive thoughts etc

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Hello to my online family,
It's the crazy gal from England ;-) Firstly just to let everyone know I am being weaned off the prozac and should hopefully start a new anti depressant in two weeks which will have a sedative effect and help me sleep! I will have a community nurse check up on me every week, and have intensive counselling sessions.

Need your prayers, good wishes and thoughts, anything you can throw my way for my chemo on Monday it will be 4/8. I just want to get through it now, so hoping all blood work etc will be fine. So your supportive as always greatly appreciated, big hugs to you all and thanks for putting up with me.


  • betina61
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    Thinking of you
    Sonia just to send you a big hug,and to let you know that I will be praying for you,everything will get better.
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    New Meds
    Dear Sonia,

    Hopefully your new meds will give you the help you need. I know the prozac worked great for me. It really took the edge off. I will be praying for you.

    Blessings to You,

    Debbie (gramma)
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    I'm praying for you!

  • mommyof2kds
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    Hang in there girl, you are
    Hang in there girl, you are doing great.
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    Prayer coming your way...
    Hi Sonia,
    I've sent a prayer your way via a private note. Monday is Labour Day in Canada. I'll be thinking of you as you undertake this labour of healing work.

    Rob; in Vancouver

    "Life is not a matter of holding good cards,
    but rather, of playing a bad hand well!"
    Robert Louis Stevenson
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    Don't forget to look ahead!!!!
    There IS life after cancer!!!! Try to plan something for after the treatment...I did, and it made all of the difference!!! Sure, I still didn't buy anything big for over a year ( first purchase was a new sofa set for the living room...), but investing in the future, even small things, did the trick for me.

    Hugs, Kathi
  • PhillieG
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    You can do this
    Sonia, I'll be thinking of you. You certainly can make it through this. I'm glad you changed your meds, that will make a big difference.
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    Coming Your Way :)
    Great news, Sonia

    I think Sleep and Rest are the #1 ingredients in taking care of yourself. When your mind and body have some rest, you think clearer and can handle the ups and downs on a more even keel...hope the switch in meds works well for you too.

    I'm sending everything positive your way...still waiting for the chill in the air down here in Texas to cool off, so we can all emerge from our caves and breath in some fresh air!

    Hope everything is merry in England :)

    Hang in there and stay with sound good and ready to move forward...I'm so glad.

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    Thinking of You
    I'm hoping that the new medication will make you feel so much better. There are so many different ones, you just have to find the right one that will work for you. Good luck in your counseling as well. This can be a big help in getting through all this. Hope your next treatment goes well with little or no side effects.

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    Positive vibes
    I will be sending you positive vibes,and prayers your way.Hang in there you can make it thru chemo,and then when you get your new can sleep.Think positive
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    glad to hear from you
    Hi Sonia,

    I'm glad to hear from you, and am glad you are making some changes. I have been and will continue to pray for you. Send me a PM anytime you want to talk more.
    You take care and God bless!

  • krystle singer
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    Good wishes, prayers and thoughts across the "Pond" to you. No one is 'putting up' with you! Everyone on the line knows the struggle and we all want to support you as well as get support for ourselves. Best of British Luck to you.