Man dad's 12 year post treatment PSA

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My dad was treated in 1997 for prostate cancer at Loma Linda California using the Proton Beam.

He got his 12 year PSA Check today and it came back as .003 !

He is a survivor. I'm hoping to have the same level of success that he has experienced fighting this cancer.

My first post robotic PSA Check will be in Early October.



  • WHW
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    Great News Larry
    That is really fantastic news. I enjoyed talking with you on the phone last evening and I could hear the absolute joy in your voice as you talked about your dad's results. Good stuff. We all need a little dose of good stuff once in a while.

    How are your doing though? You haven't posted too much about your recovery lately. Keep us informed. Especially those of us who are next up for our surgeries. Mine is the 17th.

    You and your family are in our prayers. May continued blessings be bestowed on you and your loved ones.

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    your dad
    Just read this and think it is fantastic. Being a survivor is awesome, I lost two sisters to breast cancer, and had to have preventative surgery in 1995 and my daughter calls me a survivor. I had precancerous condition and with the history of my sisters, my surgeon said I was sitting on a time bomb, and looking at an abnormal biopsy, i said no problem, I will definitely have surgery. So I am thankful and blessed. Now my husband is working at beating this prostate cancer, and as I posted earlier, his psa going down, even more blessed. God is great!

    So, I pray that yours in October is also the same, going down, with low numbers.