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Well Jack is loosing his voice and his speech is getting really bad, his trachea is over 2 month old not sure if the tumor is pressing on something or something else is going on his voice is so froggy, and I can understand him most of the time, but it is hard for people who are not around him and he dad is hard hearing so they both ger frustrated, I was just wondering is this normanl from the tracha or what, Im going to call his ENT on Tuesday and see if he needs any speec therapy, he has the speaking value, but he takes it off because he says he breaths better with it off, and he has the humifier machine to keep his airway moist and I suction him when he needs, it but they the respirtory tell us it is better if he cough it up him self, I started him back on the prescribe tussiex to break up the crap in his throat, I guess we might have to bring out the board so he can communicate a little easier