I choose to believe that there is something better after this

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I am loosing my dad to cancer, lung cancer to be exact. I am caregiving for him and have told him I will be here for him as long as it takes. I truly believe that it can be cured and I remain optimistic. I won't give up on him. If things should get worse and in fact, he does lose the fight, I truly believe there is a far better place our souls can escape to. I can only imagine what it is like and personally not ready to find out. I am a person of spirituality and believe there is a God, it's just really hard to believe that things happen like this to many folks and God doesn't always intervene. His will not mine.
Many times I've sat in silence listening or trying to feel a presence that I can identify as being the Great Almighty God, the One with omnipotence, the all powerful Spirit commanding the earth and the heavens. I figure that when He is ready to communicate directly with me, I will surely know, but until such time comes I will remain faithful and work hard to try and not displease Him/Her. I am grateful for all the good I've found in life as well as the trials I've been through, for it has given me character and maturity.
I am hopeful that all things work for the good, and that which does not, just goes away, never to return.


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    You sound
    like a man after God's own heart. While it is not always easy to watch our loved ones suffer and be able to do nothing to help them, I truly believe it not for nothing. Sometimes in our illness we become much closer with our loved ones, and we grow ourselves. Diamonds are created from heat and friction. I think we aare all stil diamonds in the rough. Cindy