good news colon clear!!

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Just had my prehospital colonoscopy by the same dr who found my original squamous cell and thank God and I mean literally, thank God, no biopsies needed, colon clean. boy Ron and I were so happy and so was my dr. It had lit up to the tune of 10 cms on the PET scan and so I needed that before I go in for my chemo. Did anyone have a half good chemo treatment cycle? I am getting more upset because I read about the neutropenia and I always have had a 3-3.4 wbc count for ages. So I start out low before I start. I think I will be glad to get the hospital stay over. Ron and I have been married for 40 yrs so we have not been apart very often. Our dog, Emma, a 10 yr old pug is a velcro dog and she is not going to understand that I am not there but my neighbors daughter will watch out for her on long days. I don't even know if I should take pj's to the hospital since I have to go out of the building by stretcher to the rad unit, hate to do that in a johnny gown. Thanks for all the encouragement and info and appreciate any input you all have.


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    Good news
    Hey Donna,

    Today must be the day for good news!! As far as the neutropenia I know that they can give you medication prior to your chemo that will help you to not become neutropenic.

    I don't see why you cant wear your own p.js at the hospital. When ever Al goes in we have a bag packed with his sweat pants and some T-shirts and they let him ware them as long as they are loose enough for the wires for monitoring to go thru. At least they will let you ware you own robe so that you may cover up