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I have no idea why it took me so long to find this board, but I'm glad to have finally landed here!

My husband (and I) has been battling his head and neck cancer now for the past 4 years. Started out as a tumor in his sinus cavity that progressed into his lymphnodes. We have really been put through the wringer these past few years fighting the good fight (2 rounds of conventional radiation, about 13 weeks worth total, and then 5 treatments of cyberknife in between that, accompanied with years of chemotherapies and the removal of the lympnodes on the right side of his neck and into his cheek). It's been a long road. We had hoped that the cyberknife would be the magic bullet but it has come back. Radiation is no longer an option since he has been so heavily dosed so we're looking for the next best thing. I'm trying my best to stay optimistic as I have been, but for some reason I'm having a tough time this go around. I'm grateful already for the support that I can possibly find here.

I look forward to participating and supporting the best that I can.



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    Hey Jess,

    Welcome. This is a great place to get support and we all need it. We are new to the cancer stuff as my husband was just diagnosed in June with Tonsil Cancer and we are almost finished with rad/chemo. I am sorry that it has come back and I hope your husband will find the right treatment this go around. I cannot even imagine what you have been through and my heart goes out to you and your husband. I check into this sight pretty often so keep us posted on his progress. Best wishes for you. Donna
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    Hi Jess

    I know where you are coming from, been there 3 times my self, send me your e-mail address and I will tell you what I am doing, take care God bless.
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    Hi Bonj, You're right - you landed in the right place! I have head and neck cancer with undiagnosed primary. Dr. at Mt Sinai did not want to do bilateral lynphnode disection, so I have had some 4 weeks of radiation, and 5 chemos. I probably will need 1 side disection unless this whole therapy works. My faith is strong, and carrying me thru. Husband helpful,but somewhat angry and denial.(understandable) My 2 beautiful teens are finally growing up w/o their Mom enabling them. This is a life changing event in our whole family. Hang in there.
    I have wanted to give up a few times, but when I think back on my life, I should have been gone a long time ago, many times.(Yikes!) God has a plan for each one of us , otherwise I would not be going through this. I have seen in another post, begun to plan my funeral, just songs I want played, close friends and family pictures. I plan on joining a support group, but am in the midst of changing oncologist. Do not give up! (NOW That's funny to here ME say.) But there is a bigger plan. Stay connected here - there are many resources, 24 talk line and more. You will not meet a better - more supportive bunch of people any where else. Thank you for posting, it gave me the courage to post, and vent some feelings too. See YOU helped Me! Thanks Jess - oh, and use the chat room too! Great bunch in there
    Best of luck, stay strong and God bless you and your family. Patty