which pads are good for stool incontinence.

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Not a topic that is easy to talk about, but after all that we have been through, I guess no question should be embarassing. I am wanting to get prepared for whatever supplies I will need after my reversal. I have no rectum, so expecting some incontence. Are there any pads that are better than others for stool. Kinda feel silly asking this question, but I know some of you have been there if not still there and can maybe offer some good advice. Thanks Petrina


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    Out of desperation right after my reversal I tried depends. I didn't care for them, they didn't fit and were to bulky. Someone in my group has found that kids large pullups work very well. I guess they would if you're on the small side. Poise pads I have found are heavier than maxi pads. I've worn them when I travel, they seem to work well. I think you can get hospital quality pads online. They would be alot heavier and hold more than maxi pads.