My surgery Aug 26th

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I had my surgery last Wednesday, the 26th and was home early Thursday afternoon. Fortunately, I had the robotics and the operation went extremely well. According to the doctor he did not see any other cancer cells outside the uterus but we're waiting for the pathology report. He did tell my husband that it appears that my first result was correct with the type of cells (Grade 3) but we won't discuss treatment until the report confirms it.

I had the home health come on Friday and I am having injections of Arixtra for the next 2 weeks to prevent any blood clot. They were very nice and with my husband's previous EMT/paramedic training, they assisted him on giving my the first injection. He has since been giving my the injections. He jokes and says that now he really can get under my skin.

Once I get the pathology report, I'll be more settled. I just want to know what lies ahead of me. I'm already prepared for chemo or at least the best that I can. My Mom who is in remission has been a great support and all my family and friends have been wonderful. It's actually overwhelming. The phone has been ringing off the hook with people offering any type of help that we may need. Several friends have brought over dinner for me and my husband. My Mom has also made some dinners for us. (My husband is not a cook and I can write a joke book about his cooking)

That's it for now, updates to follow.



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    (((Susie))))). Glad your surgery is behind you.
    With a Grade 3 cancer, chemo is probably next, but your focus now is to recover from the surgery. If you don't have bowel function in a few days, please call that into the oncology nurse so she can help you out. Sleep as much as you can and heal.

    You'll want to ask for a paper copy of your pathology report. Feel free to come back and share what it says and get feedback here. We'll help you sort it out. One step at a time. For now, concentrate on healing from your surgery. (((BIG HUG)))).