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I started my treatment with chemo in July. I know I have to have a mastectomy after completing my chemo, but I am wondering if anyone knows how long after chemo surgery is usually done? Has anyone else had their surgery after chemo? I have had a lot of side effects from the chemo and am finally going to go back to work next week. I am feeling a little overwhelmed about going back in with no hair and looking so different from when I left!Any help with the surgery ? would be great, I asked my onco and he said not to make another appt with my surgeon until I am closer to finishing my chemo (I am halfway done).thanks monica


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    I had 4 cycles of chemo
    I had 4 cycles of chemo before surgery to shrink the tumors. I had one that was 6cm and another 3cm and a smaller one. It was about 4 weeks after that I had the modified radical mastectomy. I had 4 more cycles after surgery and about 4 weeks after that ended started radiation. When you see your surgeon ask about exercises after surgery and when to start them. I protected my arm and it froze up. I had to see a physical therapist.