Has anyone had an infection in Portacath?

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Mine became infected while in the hospital a few weeks ago. the area around the portacath was red and rashy-looking- it matched the Tagaderm/clear bandage over the area.

The rash area was shrinking but the site was sore. I was on one antibiotic but it doid't do a thing. Once the culture came back, my Onc put me on another antibiotic last Thursday.
I have to irrigate and pack the gaping hole everyday.

I have to get another port in on left side, hopefully this week. When all is said and done, I will have to eybrow-like scars on each side of my chest over my boobs, add the ostomy scare I will have when that's removed (a quarter-sized scar) and my midline (belly button to pelvis) and I will have some impressive art all over my body.

Quesiton, if you've had 2 ports put in, is it harder on the left side than the optimal right side?



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    Left side
    Hi Peggy:

    Sorry to hear about your infected port area. I've had my port for two and a half years and it's on the left side. I've never had any problems with it. Hope this works out for you. Take care, Roy
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    Hi Peggy
    I had a port

    Hi Peggy
    I had a port infection- actually it was a blood infection at the port site. 2 weeks to the day after the first chemo treatment. I think different than what you are talking about- this had no outside appearance of infection. But man did they HOP with that- first my WBC was in the gutter and they just don't mess around with blood infections. That got me 5 days in the hospital in isolation. I was on a heavy heavy duty antibiodic, they left a line in my port and had to give it 3 times daily for a couple of weeks-

    Are you alergic to the tape? I was, think the tape is tagaderm? Red little blisters. Had to use a different kind of tape over my pump connection.

    Yes, looking at myself naked in the mirror always starts my day off on a sad note. I hate this reminder right out of my morning shower as I am toweling off.
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    No infection
    but my (only) port was on the left side for 8 months with no problem. the removal went well too.

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    Mom's Portacath Infection
    My mother was just diagnosed with a bacterial infection discovered in the portacath tubing - caused by enterococci. Unfortunately, the infection has caused endocarditis, and she is now being admitted to a nursing/rehab facility so they can administer IV antibiotics for the next 28 days. She had just finished her last 6-hour chemo session 2 weeks prior to the infection, and was 2 days away from finishing up radiation. The docs tell us this type of infection is rare, but very serious. Side effects of this infection can include: stroke, kidney failure, heart failure, valve destruction, etc. Vancomycin is the antibiotic of choice. She is also being given magnesium and sodium along with the IV fluids/meds. Keep us in your prayers!
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    Dealing with possible
    Dealing with possible infection right now. I've posted the info in a different thread. Mine might have to come out tomorrow. Today is wait and see...