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I've read where we are supposed to eat more fruits, veggies, legumes and multi grain foods but was wondering if anyone has ideas in the multi grain foods and also ones that don't have much sugar, which they say we should shy away from. I've only come up with cereals, breads, crackers but sometimes doesn't seem like time to eat them. Thanks for any ideas.


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    Once you develop some new habits it gets easier.
    Breakfast is a great time to get some grains and fiber in you. I always put a big handful of nuts into my Fiber One each morning, and chopped in a pear and threw in some dried cranberries or bananas. Every day for lunch I had (have!) a simple spinach salad that also includes a big handful of nuts, chopped up fruit, hard-boiled eggs. With the salad I'd have a toasted piece of multi-grain toast (Arnold & Pepperidge Farm both make yummy whole-grain breads). I switched to brown rice and brown spaghetti. It costs considerably more to eat right, and it's more trouble to shop for fresh organic foods, but it really makes you feel soooooo much better!