Mom's radiation

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Sorry I haven't posted in a while. My mom started radiation a week ago yesterday. She had to stop chemo in May due to the bone marrow suppression. Now one week into radiation, her platelets are at 97,000 (previously 120,00 two weeks ago). If her platelets continue to drop, radiation may be interupted. It's all very frustrating! How much bone marrow suppression occurs with radiation as opposed to chemo? She is 78 years old. Beacuse her tomor is so extensive, surgery is not indicated. The tumor has responded very well to the chemo and we are grateful for that.


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    Have they tried blood/platelet transfusions?
    I had a lot of trouble with low platelets during my last 3 rounds of chemo and was given blood transfusions to help my bone marrow recover. Perhaps you can suggest that as an option.

    They didn't monitor my blood counts during radiation, but when I had my post-radiation check-up 5 weeks after it was over (28 external pelvic IMRTs & 3 internal brachys) my WBC, RBC, and platelets were all still below normal, so I think radiation also affects bone marrow to some degree. I know that they wanted me to do all of my chemo first because they feared that the radiation would compromise my bone marrow to the point that I would be unable to get all of my chemo rounds in.