TCC in renal pelvis

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Hi - I'm a 66 year-old woman who had a left kidney, left adrenal gland, left ureter, and a cuff of my bladder removed in July '08. Pathology report came back saying all margins were clear and no signs of metastases. Every three months I went to my urologist for a bladder scoping with all good results. Twice I had my bladder washed and all reports came back negative. However, at 1 year post surgery I had a ct scan which revealed nothing in my organs but two affected lymph nodes in the retrocrural space. A Pet scan followed and revealed 3 more affected lymph nodes - one in pulmonary area and two in the neck. None of these are able to be biopsied at this time - too small. I feel wonderful - no symptoms of anything adverse. Returning to oncologist in early September to see how I'm doing,, feeling, and talk about a plan of action and treatment. I suspect that my prognosis is not too good but does anyone have anything to comment on. My spirit is good. I am a fighter so say anything you think I might need to know..


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    Hi-I couldn't resist, since I'm 66 and have been in the RCC club for just over 3 years. I can really only offer lots of encouragement to keep fighting and keep a good attitude. Mine had already mets to the liver and nodes when it was found, and recurred in a node each of 07 & 08.
    This is the first summer in 3 years without surgery and all that entails, so I have been trying to enjoy myself.
    Next CT is in less than 3 weeks, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I guess I'm truly lucky because I've never had any of the pain, swelling, and a lot of the other symptoms associated with RCC-Clear Cell. My symptoms were more related to the affect on the liver and a congenitally defective gall bladder that was removed during the initial surgery.
    Good Luck. Keep on keeping on. At our age, we deserve it!!
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    How are you doing? karenska
    How are you doing? My husband had the same thing with similar diagnosis. Were you ever on chemo after surgery? How about now...are you on chemo? Hope you are doing well.