new residuals damage from surgery-itch-swelling-pelvic hematoma

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1 week after 2nd surgery for lymph node removal i ...a pain near public bone

at 2 week post-op surgein says it is nothing

5 hours later i am at gyn for a persistant vulva itch....

the itch is due to yeast or urinary infectio0n....use hydrocortisone 1% oinment
not cream not vagisil.... it really works...i still have the dryness so still using the oinment

the pain in pubic area- is called a pelvic hematoma (a collection of blood that acuumulated on the day of surgery when a bleeder was cut and the surgeon stopped it ) can last 2-3 weeks
much less painful when i was informed on what it was

thights swelling could be sign of blood clot...pain in calf and swelling in thighs

my swelling was not clot it was due to body retaining water and will fix it self...i had to keep legs above my head....lay of sofa feet worked

just thought i would share the little stuff which could drive one crazy

i liek the beets for inflammation..thanks for sharing that

endometrial cancer stage 1c
clear lymph nodes
radiation to be determined 9/8/09


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    i have a vitamix..put in beets celery spinich and some fruit yes fruit makes a cook juice i saw this on tv show....

    if u do not eat vegetablke drink them....

    just wrote that blog in case others get what i had they will know not to fear