Day 28 of Pammy's Rads

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Yeah!! Today was the last day of whole breast radiation. When my Doc did my ulta sound to measure for my boosters, he was super impressed with my healing. Could not believe that there was just a minute amount of fluid left in the cavity. He wanted to know what my secret was. I proudly told, rest, rest and lots of ice-cream!! We all had a good laugh. Then we decided my blue square should be made into a "sponge bob squarepant" character, but forgot to draw it on before I left. Now it is just a blue square.
He also decided that he will only do 7 boosters after all. That means my last day will be the day after Labor Day. Can't wait!! Pammy


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    Im so glad that things are going well with your rads and that you are back on board and sound like your in higher spirits again. Ive missed your smiles. Keep up the good attitude and im glad again at how well you are doing.

    take care
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    Pammy, I am so glad it's
    Pammy, I am so glad it's been going well for you. Soon......the end!!!! You'll have to make sure you do some serious celebrating.

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    HI Pammy
    HEy girl the end is in sight for you...I am so happy things are going well

    Maybe I should take up more ice cream and less jogging???

    LInda t
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    You Can See the Finish Line
    Well, Pammy, it's good to hear how close you are to finishing treatment. Best wishes for a healing weekend. Lynn
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    The day after Labor Day
    The day after Labor Day because you have done such hard work should be rewarded with ice cream and presents, lots of both. Tell the hubby I said so and I am an authority on these things. I am magna **** gemmie. Yep!! Lots of ice cream and lots of presents.
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    That's great
    That's great news and congratulation on almost being done with treatments.
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    Such good news to hear. Good for You!! Have a super weekend :) Diane