Davinci tomorrow

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Hi all Nick here my surgery was moved up and now tomorrow I have my prostate removed.Hopefully its contained and all will be well. My pre-op consists of liquids and jello today. A nice dessert of magnesium citrate (1/2 bottle)and nothing at all after midnight. Yesterday I went to have blood drawn an ekg and a chest xray. I will be leaving early tomorrow and returning either saturday or sunday. Thanks to all the information posted here I believe I have made the best decision for myself. It was a hard decision to make and during this time I switched both doctor and hospital. Peace to you all and thanks.....Nick


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    Nick Good Luck and Many Blessings On You
    Nick, good luck tomorrow. I know from reading you posts that you are prepared.

    Also know that you will be in the prayers and blessings of my wife and I and many of the prayer circles where your name has been added. We will put the call out tonight for good blessings on you and your family.

    Let us know how things go.

    Good Luck,
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    Best of luck with your
    Best of luck with your surgery, Nick. Mine was on a Friday also, three weeks ago tomorrow. I hope you have the same or better recovery than I did. And may God give you peace, and guide the surgeon's hands as he brings you healing.
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    Good luck and best wishes. I
    Good luck and best wishes. I am sure everything will fine. Do report the good news. I am considering the Davinci as well. GTA
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    Good luck Nick, Keep us
    Good luck Nick, Keep us posted on your outcome.