Mom having hysterectomy tomorrow

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Hi All,
Just wanted to say that my Mom is having her hysterectomy in the morning. Me? So nervous. The reason is that she had a suspicious cat scan of her abdomen..they said it looked like uterine sarcoma. I hope it's not that. She does have a history of large fibroids. I am hoping for the best case scenario. My mom is only 54. She has been relatively healthy. She says she doesn't feel sick at all. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. This sucks. Just wanted to say "thank you" to all you ladies who have sent me positive words these last couple weeks. Will update when I can.



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    How's your Mom
    Hi Leanne...just checking to see how your Mom's surgery went? Sure hope she is doing well and that you feeling less nervous too!!! Let us know how things are going.