My Mom has Endometruim Adencorcoma Stage 3c

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Hello Ladies,

First of all. Thanks very much.You are supporting are each other. so nice to see soo many coments here.

I am Kumar living in UK. My mom lives in india.

She has digonised stage 3 c Endo Adencorcoma Grade 1.

Let me write her Pathology report after surgery

Cervix:Chronic cervicits

Endometrial growth:well deff adeno endometroid type less that 1/5 luyometrial invasion.

Mymetruim:multiple leueneymas

b/l ovaries:metastic endometriod adenco ovarian capast are intact.
Fallopine tubes normal
Lymp node:normal
wash :normal
Omentum normal
Tissue on Colon sigmond...

her hsytermotery was on 1 may 2009 and she finished 5 cycles of chemo.

She is going to get 6 th cycle on september 2009.

Her ca125 was 117 before surgey and after 5 chemo, it becomes 8 now.

But her Ct scan shows enlarged liver 16.6 cm

what is normal size of liver?

Why it is larged ?

Rest CT scan is normal

It is side effect of chemo.

Anyone has same experinced.

Help me god bless you...

Please read her pathology report.

Thanks Kumar


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    Liver enlargement?
    Hi Kumar. Sorry about your mom. I was diagnosed with the same type of cancer a few years ago. I also had a total hysterectomy - chemo - radiation. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about the liver or if that's normal after chemo treatments. My doctor never mentioned it. You'll have to check with the doctor and find out if liver enlargement is a normal side effect that will go away - or something to worry about.
    Good luck!