New Resource for PCa survivors

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About me - 46 at diagnosis. Had davinci in Jan of 2008. Joined the local PCa support group in Danbury Ct - thank you ACS! Anyway, in working with the guys in my group as well as my own research, I discovered that there were no internet sites dedicated to helping men fighting ED after surgery. There are several good cancer sites, including this one, but Cancer Survivors Network is really about fighting cancer. Then there is the delicate question of who can be reading these posts and both questions and answers can get a bit vague and less than clear and concise.
So, I have just launched WWW.FRANKTALK.ORG This is NOT in competition with ACS. There are simply some questions that guys need to ask that do not belong on a family site. The site is brand new and still much more to come, but the forum is up and running. I'd love to have your input, suggestions, ideas. Join, discuss and help each other with this really frustrating adversary!
I am not making any money on this site. simply passing along all the kindness shown to me.