daVinci and Gastro Prep

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My daVinci will be on 30 Sep. I have to start a clear liquid diet the morning of 28 Sep with nothing by mouth after 10:00 on 29 Sep. Plus a Fleets at 5:00 on 29 Sep.

My surgeon is acknowledged as one of the top 10 in the world (by volume) with over 1700 procedures so if he told me I had to stand on my head for the last 36 hours I would try but I noticed comments by others that didn't indicate such a long liquid diet.

I guess I am just whining............


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    Sounds Easy to Me
    Man, only a Fleets enema !! I was on clear liquids as you describe, and then I had to do a full bowel prep, drinking a gallon of that nasty tasting bottled liquid within a 2-3 hour time frame. Then this was followed by being up all night running to the commode until things ran "clear". The cramps and loss of sleep alone was difficult at best.
    So, .... stop whining, it could be worse. LOL.
    Good luck with your surgery, you have a lot of support on this discussion board, and will get many answers to questions.
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    I was told only to not eat
    I was told only to not eat or drink after midnight the day before surgery. I also had to drink a bottle of stuff which I did at about 7pm. It took a while for it to get going and then was up many times to the toilet which wears you out when you need rest. I wish I would have drank the stuff a little earlier in the afternoon.
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    I had the exact same bowel
    I had the exact same bowel prep instructions that you did. I ate jello and drank bullion for clear liquids. I had the same bowel prep for a colonoscopy a few years ago. Don't think I would ever again eat jello or drink bullion willingly. The worst is the no water from the night before because my mouth gets very dry. What I did was to take some water to rinse my mouth then spit it out, it helps with the dryness.