Lung Cancer that has metastized to the lymphnodes, adrenal glands, brain and bones

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My husband is 52 and was diagnosed about a month and a half ago with lung cancer. It was found by accident. He was having pain in his left hip and both knees so we went to a pain mangement doctor who sent him for a mri of his left hip. The mri showed arthritis in his left hip and knees but it picked up something on his right femur which turned out to be a tumor and which led to test to diagnose the lung cancer which they are pretty sure is the primary. What a shock. He had to have surgery on the femur to strengthen it. A rod was put in the femur because they were concerned he might fracture it and then he wouldn't be able to have chemo. He had the surgury then a week later chemo. His chemo starts with zofran and a steriod. Then he gets altima the carboplatin. He is suppose to get avastin but that would hinder the healing from the surgery so he hasn't gotten that yet. That will be started on 9/4/09. His chemo is every 3 weeks at the University of Penn. He has been in alot of pain since the surgery. His lower spine and right arm about the shoulder have been very painful. They had given him percocit, vicodin and now morphine and ibruphrofin. None of these seem to work to long. I am concerned because the cancer has metastized to the bone. The doctor dosen't think the arm has anthing to do with bone cancer and not sure about the spine. Finally they are sending him for MRI's of the thorasic spine and lumbar spine on Monday. I have been watching for over a month my husband in pain and there is nothing i can do for him. The pain doctor thinks it might be his sacroialiac joint and gave him a couple of cordesone shots and he is still in pain. Has anyone gone thru this or have someone going thru this and can give me some info or some kind of support of what to expect. I have been reading alot on line and i am making myself crazy. Thanks


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    Welcome to the lung cancer board! I'm sorry your husband is having so many problems. This is a board nobody wants to need, but the people here are great. It sounds like the doctors are still in the process of diagnosing what the problem is that is causing the pain. If a tumor is pressing on a nerve, they may be able to relieve the pain by targeting radiation therapy to that spot. I hope the MRI will show them what is happening so that they can start taking action to stop the pain right away. My first surgeon trained at U. of Penn and had nothing but great things to say about the doctors there. Good luck with the traffic!

    Cancer diagnosis and treatment drives everybody crazy. Before I was diagnosed I had read books about cancer and just skipped over the chapters on emotions and cancer. Then when I was diagnosed, those emotions hit and hit hard. I had difficulty sleeping and eating. I cried a lot, more like for weeks than for just days. I had difficulty enjoying previously fun activities. Even listening to my nieces complain about their difficulties ("I gained a whole pound last week...") drove me to tears. It took a long while to regain my equilibrium emotionally. It is hard for caregivers too. I learned not to read scary things in medical research just before bed. I tried hard to make a good plan with the doctors. Knowing I had done all I could really helped. Knowing I had good doctors really helped. My church helped out with lots of emotional support and lots of friends came by with meals. Fellow survivors helped by telling me their story. They also made suggestions about dealing with various issues. Eventually I found this board to ask about problems as they cropped up. The chatroom is great too, but lately I haven't been able to get on. I guess my dialup doesn't go fast enough or something, because it is still there. But keep coming back with your concerns and keep us posted. Also, take time every day to take care of yourself. Good luck witht he MRI Monday.

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