Siblings effects on children with cancer

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I am looking for answers from anyone willing to give them.

An infant was just diagnosed with Cancer. He has had surgery to remove the tumor and other infected areas and is currently undergoing a low regimine of chemo for 4 months. He has been allowed to return home. However the situation is that he is from a split home with 50/50 custody. One side is a single parent. The other is a parent, girlfriend, and other children.

The issue is part of the family beleives that the single parent should have sole custody of the child during all treatment and recovery. They are stating that the split home is detrimental to the child with cancer mentally, physically and emotionally. They are also stating that the other children are a major health concern for the child with cancer.

I am looking for any answers, opinions, articles, research...ANYTHING that supports either argument. Any assistance is appreciated. My family is in the midst of a heated dispute, at a time when we should all be pulling together for our loved one.

Thank you!