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    I have Fallopian tube cancer without having Fallopian tubes...

    I was recently diagnosed with Fallopian tube cancer but I don't have Fallopian tubes. In 2004 I had a hysterectomy and in 2009 I had an oofrectomy and a bi-lateral mastectomy. Atypical, pre cancer cells found on the end of my tubes. So it seems that some time before 2009 the atypical cells moved into my lymph nodes. We were prepared to hear it was lymphoma and shocked to hear it was fallopian!  Started Taxol and  Carboplatin today. Any out there with similar diagnosis?  Surgery? Survivors? 

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    It happened To My Wife

    My wife was scheduled for a routine robitc hysterectomy in January when a mass was found in her upper abdomen. She had been complaining of debilitating cramps for many years prior. Biopsies of the mass were negative. The procedure was aborted until the nature of the mass was determined. She was scheduled for an open hysterectomy in May with removal of the mass. The mass involved the omentum where cancer cells were detected and had been removed along with a radical hysterectomy. They even threw in an appendectomy. Pathology revealed that she had stage 3 Ca of the fallopian tubes. After 4 hospitalizations from complications due to infections, she finally was given a clean bill of health for chemo (Taxol & Carboplatin) which began last Monday.  This has been a very challenging year for us both. I am a prostate Ca survivor and cannot begin to empathize with her as our situations are so different. She does not use social media of any kind, so I am her path to wellness by going online for words of encouragement and show her hard copies of my finds. This is my 1st day at this and will be returning for answers.