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Hello All!

I know that the hospital is the last thing anyone wants to think about, it is the inevitable place that the medical procedures have to happen....but I just wanted to pass along a tip that I used while my mother (Calleen is my mom...) was there, that made her get through it a little easier.

We all know how hard it is to rest or relax with all those beeps from machines and people coming in and are people supposed to sleep with all that?? So I decided to bring a book and read to her. She was able to get lost in the story and take her mind somewhere else for awhile and would eventually fall asleep here and there...when she would wake up (or get woken up) I would just read again.

This also helped with the anxiety and just passing the slow time in general. She really enjoyed it and said it was calming to her. Just a tiny tip to help!

Any ideas?




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    wow, something so simple to
    wow, something so simple to be so great. thank you, i never would have thought of that. Hope your mom is better. take care of yourself and thanks for the tip which i will use. bless you
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    I think it is great...
    that you were able to help your mom cope and relax in this way. I might also suggest, for those who can not be in the room with their loved one for long periods of time, that they record on tape or cd themselves reading or singing or whatever they do best. The patient can then listen to the familiar and loved voice whenever they choose.
    Also, if the hospital stay is expected to last several days, a basket containing small gifts, one to be opened each day will help to provide a reminder of friends and family who 'contributed' to the basket as well as give the patient a little 'something extra' to look forward to each day.
    Another option might be to provide the patient with a small recorder on which they can leave themselves 'notes' about what they want to remember about their stay...such as who came by and what they brought, or the names of special nurses or other caregivers who they might want to thank with a card or such after they return home. Many such details get 'lost in the shuffle'.
    God bless you and Calleen.
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    Thaank you sweetie~ I listen
    Thaank you sweetie~ I listen to audio books all the time, and I know how soothing and comforting and lulling they can be. What a wonderful thing for you to simple, yet so meaningful and loving! Thanks for the tip!

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    Welcome, Julie
    As your Mom's/Calleen's caregiver, you're welcome amongst us here.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Welcome, Julie
    As your Mom's/Calleen's caregiver, you're welcome amongst us here.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Thank you Julie
    Earlier this week it looked like we were moving into the hospital. I brought dominos, cards, books and Corrine's favorite pillow (she needs that everywhere she goes). I wanted to help keep her occupied during treatment. I have been looking for tips from other caregivers. Not just for hospital visits, but through this whole process. If you see any threads that may help, please let me know. Thanks. Ken