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I am looking at treatment options in Arizona (I live in Tucson). I was recently diagnosed when my PSA went from 3.9 in June 08 to 6.0 in May 09. The biopsy showed 3 of 12 with RLB: 35%, RLM: 75% and RA: 50%. My Gleason were all 3+3. RLB and RLM showed perinueral invasion. My urologist is optimistic for either surgery or Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT). I am thinking get it out now and look for IGRT if it returns. I am looking for someone with experience in DaVinci in the area or even California. Also any advice on which way to go. As with most, I am concerned with getting rid of the cancer, not peeing my pants and have a good sex life...I am ONLY 57. I see another Dr. in the mornig for a second but will looking for a 3rd. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks to all and here is wishing you good luck in kicking this thing.


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    I'm in Tucson
    Welcome TucNav,

    I'm also in Tucson with similar numbers. I have decided on Proton Beam Therapy at Loma Linda in California. I changed my mind from surgery (DaVinci) to PBT because I, like you, am young (55), and the thought of wearing diapers and having a good sex life was important to me. I urge you to read Bob Marckini's book You Can Beat Prostate Cancer. I have an extra copy I can give you. Please call me 237.2344 anytime.

    Most doctors will not tell you about PBT, and like you, my urologist recommended surgery. After doing much research, I felt it was not the right treatment for me. In fact, I had ruled out any type of radiation and had DaVinci scheduled here in Tucson. After reading and researching for countless hours and talking to dozens of patients, I decided on PBT.

    Please contact me and I will tell you about a support group that meets at University Medical Center. There are members that cover all modalities that meet. Try and join as many forums as you can to get all different perspectives on this disease. I monitor about 10 different ones including protoninfo on Yahoo groups.

    Best of luck to you...
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    Here in CA, there are various experienced doctors in orange county where I live, and in los angeles. Basically you want to have an experienced surgeon, one who will do a great job, since you go thru this operation only once. Just find someone that you are happy with no matter where the surgeon is. You will probably have to stay for a while before you go back home. ( Air transportation is probably a better idea than driving.)

    Of course explore your area first.