I've been eating non stop since receiving my diagnosis .. Is this normal ?

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I can not stop eating, or crying since receiving my diagnosis. Does this get any better??

Also, my sleep pattern is crazy .. napping during the day ? Normal, or it is stress related?


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    Vicki, yes, the fear and anxiety and emotional pain do lessen. The beginning was the worst time, just the shock of it all. Once your treatment starts, you will feel better. Waiting is always the worst part of anything.

    As far as crying, it's good to have that emotional release. But you can request something for anxiety. If you call your doctor and let him/her know how you are feeling, a mild anti-anxiety med, or whatever the dr. thinks is best for you, can be prescribed. Not that I am promoting chemicals, but I was prescribed Zanaz, which helped a lot. (Still does as needed.)

    The eating and sleeping pattern changes are stress-related for sure. Please be patient with yourself. It's hard to think of a bigger stressor than a cancer diagnosis. Others will reply also and can share tips and advice. Just know that you will get past this time. There will be plenty of survivors here who can help you along the way, as they have me.

    Hang in there, OK?
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    It is of course normal...I
    It is of course normal...I am sure you have heard of Stree Eating! None of us likes the wait, and that part of our lives never seems to get much better! What does get better is our being able to handle it~ knowing what triggers eating binges, or alcohol abuse, or inappropriate yelling at our kids and/or hubby~ whatever is our personal way of acting out during times when it seems we are not in control of our own lives. We all have something!!!

    Moopy is right~ things will settle down, and yes~ by all means, let your physician know how you are feeling. MANY MANY MANY of us here on the baords have taken Xanax or similar meds for the anxiety and situational depression which understandably accompanies our diagnosis.

    Keep posting, sister! We send you support and hugs, and encourage you to let your medical team know how you are feeling. They want you to be able to come through this with as few bumps in your road as possible.