Heart Problems

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Have any of you had problems with both your heart and trying to fight uterine cancer? My sister Cindy (60) has left ventricle dysfunction (the part of the heart that sends out the oxygen rich blood) and her stage 1b, grade 2 cancer has returned to the vaginal cuff and possible the right hip area (lymph nodes, still the same stage and grade as before and not one of the two more dangerous types. Because of that she can not have surgery and possible not even chemo. Her doctor said that he is not one to talk about weeks, months or years and likes to look at things positively……he also said that her heart was just as much a concern as the cancer. He won’t make a decision on chemo until after the radiation treatments. She is having 25 external starting today, then 2 weeks off and then 2-3 weeks of internal treatments.

I guess what I’m looking for is answers and hope. The answers, good or bad, will help me prepare, but I’m not really looking for false hope. I can’t take the thought of thinking most likely everything will be ok just to wake up 4 weeks from now and she is dead. What I can handle is "we are in for years of fighting". I have 80 year old parents that are suffering greatly with these two diagnoses and I need to be ready to help them.

Is it possible, that her heart might not be able to take the radiation treatment? I’m only looking to get through one treatment at a time.


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    Hang in there!
    It sounds like your sister has many challenges to face. I am not aware of pelvic radiation having an impact on the heart but this is something to discuss with the radiation oncologist. There are SOME chemo drugs that definitely do have an affect on the heart, and others do not. I remember reading about various side effects that were listed in one of the clinical trials. So...it all depends on the drugs that the oncologist plans to use, if any. She may need a consult with a cardiologist as well.

    Your oncologist may be hopeful that the radiation will address her recurrance. I like the fact that he is not one to predict months, etc.....there is plenty of evidence right on this website, that NO ONE knows how long anyone will live and many exceed all expectations! You are a caring, loving sister and I know you will help her through this difficult journey.

    Keep us posted!!