Day 19 of Pammy's Rads

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Very simple again....first day of the second half. I am over the hump and on the down slide. And guess what? Hubby took me to dinner again to celebrate!! But I do have to nipple feels like someone stuck a clothespin on it (ouch!). And I found that about 1/2 hour after I apply the aquaphor, I start itching. Because I am quite "pink" I can not tell if I am allergic to it. Only used pure aloe today and no itching. Has anyone ever used nothing but the aloe? Pammy


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    I used mostly aloe and just
    I used mostly aloe and just sometimes with the aquaphor. More at the end and at night.
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    Your radiation oncology department probably has Regenecare (spelling); it is like Aquafor, but has lidocaine in it. Once I started itching, I was switched to it and it worked great. The itching is an indication of the severity of your burn. I was told that using hydrocortisone lotion is OK, too, but the Regenecare did the trick. xoxoxo Lynn