Chemo-Brachy-Chemo Question

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Anyone who has had 3 (or so) rounds of chemo, then vaginal brachytherapy, then 3 (or so) more rounds of chemo - when in relation to the brachytherapy did the chemo begin again? A day or two after the last brachy? A week or more? During the brachy? I am getting ready to schedule the post-brachy chemo and want to be in the correct ballpark. Thanks.



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    I can't believe this isn't
    I can't believe this isn't clear as bell in my mind any longer! I'd have to check back on my calendar, but I believe my brachy went on during the off weeks of my first three chemo -my external radiation took place during a break from the chemo. My doctors wanted to make certain the side effects of the chemo and external radiation didn't collide.

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    I'm delighted
    I'm delighted to hear that each of your treatments is fading into just an overall impression for you! I would really appreciate it if you could look up that info for me. This is the downside of having to be my own advocate and working with different oncologists with different areas of specialization.

    Thanks in advance.