reconstruction - what to say?

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So I'm 5 years out from my mastectomy and finally getting around to reconstruction. I've been at my current job a little over a year and no one here knows I've had cancer. What do I tell them when I go for reconstruction surgery? People are noisy, but this is a small office and I don't want everone looking at me and my chest!


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    Just tell them you have a
    Just tell them you have a bit of corrective surgery that you prefer to keep private and that should be enough since it is not their business anyway. If they press tell them thank you for your concern that you appreciate it, however as stated earlier this is private. I waited two years before I had my reconstructive surgery, I now have the implant in but still need a few touch ups to be done. :-)

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    I work at a place where there is a fairly small staff too. The last time someone had cancer where I work, they sent out an e-mail. I did NOT want this to happen in my case but I did not want my cancer to be a secret either. I had a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction and I was told that I needed to take 10 weeks to get back to normal .It has been 8 weeks and I am feeling pretty good but am worried about my stamina. I think honesty is the best policy. I would tell people who ask and yes they may be looking at your chest but it will only be because you look so good! I did tell people who asked and I found that they were very kind so best of luck to you.