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This may be a bit long winded but I will do my best to make it specific and short. My father was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in February. He had 6 weeks of chemotherapy and radiation and was told he was basically cancer free but there was scar tissue and the tumor was still there. After much discussion, it was recommended that the lung be removed because the recurrence of cancer would be extremely low. The lung was removed about two weeks ago and the operation was successful. My father was released after a week and sent for rehab. After being there several days, he was sent back to the hospital and was diagnosed with pneumonia and a blood clot. He was given oxygen, antibiotics, etc. and was readmitted into the ICU. He was having a very difficult time breathing and was finally put on a ventilator last Thursday. (My sister is a nurse and has been closely monitoring the situation and treatments.) Most staff seem to be optimistic that my dad will get better because his stats are all fine and he has no other health issues. All other tests regarding his brain, blood, blood sugar, etc. are all fine. Our family is on a constant roller coaster because he has gotten a little better but the last few days he has stayed the same. Has anyone out in the community experienced the same type of issue? If so, how long was the recovery? Any help I can get would be most appreciated.