EP vs CHOP21 Treatment

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I am a 19 year survivor of Stage II E diffuse large cell immunoblastic lymphoma and after abdominal surgery went through CHOP21 or one CHOP treatment every 21 days.

I now have the pleasure of experiencing chemo again for Stage 1 testicular cancer and trying to see how EP compares to CHOP?

Is it as intesive/strong,etc.

Not sure how many have had both to compare but any thoughts would be appreciated?


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    Answer to my own question to
    Answer to my own question to possibly assist others

    TC treatment is different. I had a high grade immunoblastic large cell lymphoma around the colon. Surgery to remove and the CHOP21 for 6 months.

    TC treatment is quite different than CHOP if that is what you had. CHOP a couple hours one day every three weeks. Very draining and wipes you out for the first week.

    TC if up to early stage 2 is either 3 treatmetns of BEP or 4 treatmetns of EP. I opted for the 4 of EP as it is less toxic on the lungs (long term lung damage) and if you are an athlete something to discuss with your doctor.

    EP is given over 4 hours for 5 straight days which was a dissappointment initially as I expected to be there for a couple hours every three weeks as before.

    Just finished my first week (one on two off for 12 weeks =4 treatments) on Friday, went for a short 15 mile bike ride and felt pretty good although didn't push myself, round of golf yesterday, and rest today. I did go to work everyday after treatmetn othe r than the first and no nausea so far. Well may be minimal nausea but did not get sick. The only real side effect I have experienced is a little bit of chemo brain or scattered tyhoughts, trouble concentrating at certain pints of the day but minimal.

    If you have been through CHOP or something simliar, in my opinion so far, EP has been a walk in the park if there is such a term for chemo.

    Good luck
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