Race for a Cure 2009

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This is the first time I have participated in anything like this... my feet are sore... I'm tiered.. but also feeling quite happy and content... It was a 5 mile race for a cure... kick off started at 7:30 this morning, they had more than 28,000 participants... I have never seen so many people in one place... The experience was incredible!

On my back under my number was "In Celebration Of" ... and then names of many of you were listed, when I began running out of space I wrote..."All CSN Daft Sod's and RADB's"... I passed several water fountains... and threw a handfull of pennies into each one...making a wish...for all of us..

After the survivor parade they had all the survivors line up and a local artist who was dx with bc at 28 years old stage 4 and quite a road battled... it was in her liver, bone, the list is long... the dr's gave her that expiration date of six months... but we warriors know better... and almost three years later she was up on stage singing a Melissa Ethridge song... called "I Run for Life"... I have posted a link to utube on my expression page... if you haven't heard it... you really need to .... it was beautiful... inspirational...and upon listening to the words to that song... I will admit... the tears fell... luckily there was a fellow warrior sister in pink there to embrace me within her hug!

♥ & Hugs



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    Awwwwww!!!! What a
    Awwwwww!!!! What a heartwarming story! I am sooo happy you participated; you sound both excited and content at the same time. So many people! Very inspiring ~T, I am so happy you did this. I will go to the expressions page and check out the YouTube link. I'm sure it will make me cry, but that isn't always a bad thing, is it?

    Thanks for sharing your day with us!

    PS I love the Daft Sods and Rad B's on your "In Celebration Of"~ hilarious and cool! THANKS!
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    You are indeed an inspitation to us!! I couldn't make it past the end of my street! How touching and heartfelt that you included us with you. I can use a good cry today, so I will go check out the song. You, on the other hand, should relax and put your feet up for a job well done!! Hugs (smile) :O) Pammy
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    congratulations on
    congratulations on completing the 5 miles! What a great story! Mine is Oct 11.
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    Many Thanks, Taleena...
    For remembering all of us . I'm playing around with the fonts, but next I am going to your expressions page. xoxoxo Lynn
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    Just saw the Utube
    Thanks for sharing this! Very beautiful. xoxoxo Lynn
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    Hi Taleena
    Congratulations on completing the 5 mile race. I was running in the spring and have been a runner for 18 years but Im in the middle of chemo and have no stamina to get back to it so it makes me hopeful that I will be able to run again...and you can bet I will find a race for the cure to participate in...

    Thanks for remembering all of us

    Linda T
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    Thank you Taleena
    You are such a sweetheart, Your wish, our wish will be heard and felt by all of us. I will also go to utube, and i'm sure my tears will also fall.
    Hugs, Jackie
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    What a gal you are. And
    What a gal you are. And this event sounds like it was truly wonderful. And it didn't take 10 days plus either. Good for you.
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    Warrior Sister
    T, thank you for sharing this event with us, and for participating. I have never heard the Melissa Etheridge song but will go to YouTube.

    I am so impressed with your spirit: despite the ups and downs you've experienced, you got out there and joined other survivors and marched for us all.
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    Thanks, T!!!
    Glad you were inspired; and, YES, you ARE a survivor! :-)

    Thanks for what you did, not just for yourself - but, also on behalf of all of us.

    Kind regards, Susan