Three Month Check-ups

Plan B
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For about 2 - 3 weeks before my 3-month check I become so tnese that I have physical symptoms that make me think I have cancer again in another place. Example: this time I am having a funny sensation in my throat that feels like a blockage. I can't determine if it is real or just conjured up because of my fear of it returning.


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  • Songflower
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    Anxiety before tests
    I always feel anxious before tests; I think every woman in this group feels that. I do relaxation tapes from health Journeys. I especially like the one's for cancer. I love the visual guided imagery; I feel safer and not alone after doing them. If you do them often enough they will get in your subconscious and help you. My favorate is Beelruth Naparstek Fight Cancer CD which I put in my ipod. If your anxiety is overwhelming some ativan if you use it carefully may be helpful. Talk to your Doctor about this. This treatment is so much to go through and I think waiting for tests are some of the hardest times. Your friends are with you!
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  • Katrinka123
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    I posted about this very
    I posted about this very same thing right after my first three month check. I understand how you are feeling! I'm going to follow this thread just in case someone gives away the secret to coping with this! ;o)

    It's so hard to relax!