Day 13 of Pammy's Rads

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Whew, am I glad day 13 didn't fall on a Friday!!
Today was pretty much uneventful. Had my mind on other things and didn't pay much attention to what I was doing. Then it hit me just how routine this had all become. After 13 days of repeating the same steps over and over, I pretty much could do it all in my sleep now. The only difference is my skin and the underlying changes that are going on each day. Other than that, nothing has wavered. Hmmmm....this is going to get too boring if I don't start shaking things up a bit!! Any ideas?? :(-) Pammy


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    Flirt with any cute techs?
    Sorry, I missed your other posts,so don't know what all you have done so far. Did you post that you can't take CDs? How about practicing your RAD B tunes? (Oh, I forgot: you're singing backup so you can snooze...)

    Re skin changes, my skin looked and felt fine for days and days. Then,suddenly, I started seeing redness and feeling the burn right after treatment. Aloe followed by Vaniqua cream is helping. Aquaphor for itching. And be ready for boosters: you can feel them immediately.