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Well, we went to chemo today and my sister got her blood work back and palettels (ms)oops so, they sent us home and we will try again next Wednesday. She is down and so am i but tomorrow is another day. and the sun will rise. love ya all


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    I forget...is your sister
    I forget...is your sister not getting Neulasta shots to boost her white count? I would feel bad to have to put things off another week, too. :-( you are right tho, the sun will rise again tomorrow!

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    Sorry to hear that, whichwitch. It's frustrating when things don't go as planned. But don't worry, it's not that uncommon for treatment to be delayed somewhat for these kinds of things. Is your sister on the Nuelasta shot? That would help her white blood cell count.

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    yes she is on the shot, but
    yes she is on the shot, but the dr said that was for the white and red blood cells, not for the plattels. she is at 60 and they want her at 80. she has only be at 80 once, usually they are in the 20's. It is a overcast day here and rain on the way. Good day to walk the dogs, so guess i will go get her dog and my dogs and walk, walk and walk and say prayer for all of you. That is my best time to pray and know you guys are in my prayers and have been for a while.